Bible: Object or Subject? – Len Sweet

Len Sweet’s children had two different experiences of studying the same bird — one dissected it, the other observed it in its live habitat. One study was objective — objectifying the specimen, the other subjective — considering the specimen as a subject. And this, Sweet challenges, is our challenge when approaching the Bible; to treat it like a subject not an object, avoiding “versitis” and getting to know the stories. Our minds process information through narratives and metaphors, not words, so as we refer only to chapter and verse we turn stories into propositions. Just as the disciples on the road to Emmaus had cognition of who Jesus was but they needed recognition, so we need to see Jesus for who he is the great metanarrative of the Bible.

Len Sweet

Leonard Sweet is a scholar of American culture; a semiotician who “sees things the rest of us do not see, and dreams possibilities that are beyond most of our imagining;” and a preacher and best-selling author who communicates the gospel with a signature bridging of the worlds of faith, academe, and popular culture. In 2005 Len introduced the first open-source preaching resource on the Web, Len’s microblogs on twitter and facebook rank as two of the most influential social media sites in the world. Len resides on Orcas Island (Eastsound) in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State.

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