Cari Jenkins

It was after nearly 20 years working in the local church context that Cari left the walls of the local church, to pastor those without a pastor. She spends her time with those who lead or pastor in a variety of faith-based settings, as well as with those who have never stepped foot into a building to worship. She has put language to the gospel story that has opened doors for her to speak of Jesus with ease in nearly any setting, with any person.

She is currently the co-director of Urban Skye, a Denver-based organization that acts as a hub for those guiding others in their spiritual journey with Jesus. She writes and speaks often on issues of identity, living as a person of blessing in the world, the transformative use of the table, and hospitality. She desires to see people formed by Jesus, resulting in the transformation of the places they live, work, and play.

As a part of her work with people, Cari has been setting tables for over 20 years. It has been around tables that she has seen walls dismantled, individuals once invisible seen, peace brokered, and those who were once divided unified. She has a personal goal of having at least 500 people around her table every year and is always encouraged by what happens when people gather to break bread together. This love has led to Cari co-founding, with a few good friends, The Table Collective, a non-profit formed to cultivate cultures of hospitality who in 2018 will be setting a mile long table in the heart of Denver to bring hope to the city, and everyone is welcome!

Cari is working on her first book, tentatively titled Who You Are, coming in 2018.


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