December 2015 Video, Discussion & a Meal: “Peacemaking” – Sami Awad

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  1. Sami shared the story of his grandmother consciously deciding what to “give” her children in the face of tremendous loss…hatred or Jesus. Many would consider her response weak. Is it possible to follow in Jesus’ ways and seek revenge or retaliation? Why or why not?
  2. Sami makes the statement, “Jesus was simple, but he wasn’t easy. Simple in the teaching, but not easy in the practice.” How have you found this to be true, or not?
  3. Do you agree that progressive personal transformation as described in Matthew 5, is necessary to be a peacemaker in the way of Jesus? Using these descriptions (poor in spirit, mourning, meek, etc…) how would you describe your own journey and where you see yourself?
  4. If we desire to be peacemakers in the way of Jesus in a world full of conflict, what is the healing work with our “enemies” that we must engage in? Be specific.


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Sami Awad

Sami Awad is the Executive Director of Holy Land Trust (HLT), a Palestinian nonprofit organization which he founded in 1998 in Bethlehem. HLT works with the Palestinian community at both the grassroots and leadership levels in developing nonviolent approaches that aim to end the Israeli occupation and build a future founded on the principles of nonviolence, equality, justice, and peaceful coexistence. In 2006, he ran as an independent candidate in the Palestinian Legislative Council Elections (the Palestinian Parliament). He also established the Travel and Encounter Program, which aims to provide tourists and pilgrims with unique religious and political experiences in Palestine; the Palestine News Network, the first independent press agency in Palestine and a major source of news on life in Palestine today; and Al-Kul Television. He has traveled to several countries to speak about non-violence. Sami is one of the subjects in the documentary Little Town of Bethlehem.

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