December 2017 Video & Discussion: More Than A Virgin Birth – Bart Tarman

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We can focus on the miracles Jesus did, but the miracle that Jesus was is even more wonderful.

There’s no better time to be reminded of the miraculous nature of Jesus’ life than Christmas. After all, he arrived “umbilically tied to a virgin, Israeli peasant girl,” while no less than angels and stars heralded his birth. But, that was just the beginning.

This past summer at Simply Jesus 2017 we spoke of Jesus’ miracles. This month, we share Bart Tarman’s talk on Jesus, the Miracle. In it, he invites to ponder the question, if Jesus is THE miracle, what does that mean for us?


  1. Bart relates his memory of himself sitting on the lap of his Papa, to Jesus’ relationship with his Father. Because of this constant connection to his Father, proposes Bart, Jesus had the two key issues of Security (I am safe), and Significance (I have meaning) “sewn up.” Considering your own life, what has helped or hindered your own sense of Security and/or Significance?
  2. Bart’s personal experience of healing indelibly impressed upon him the reality that Jesus STILL does miracles. And, yet, he’s also experienced the pain and disappointment of people suffering, dying, NOT being healed. How do you think about Jesus being the greatest miracle in the face of tragedy and death?
  3. “If you are getting to know the Jesus of the four Gospels, not one of your own making, then you will be astonished, whether you are healed or not.” Discuss this statement of Bart’s.
  4. Jesus said to “come follow me”, which means we’re meant to think like he thought, feel like he felt, do what he did. Do you consider yourself in this process? How have you recently seen his influence in your thoughts, feelings, and actions?
  5. Do you see your own life as a miracle? Please discuss.

Bart Tarman

Bart Tarman has spent more than 30 years focusing on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth – but from an non-religious perspective. He presents the Jesus of the four Gospel narratives in a way that is relevant to our real life struggles and opportunities. Bart loves the subtitle to Gandhi’s autobiography: My Experiments with Truth, because he feels that our connection to Jesus Christ should be just that…. an ongoing experiment with truth and love…. in real life. More about Bart ›

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    I love Bart! Kat

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