Rickey Bolden

February 2017 Video & Discussion: “Jesus Must Be Trippin’!” – Rickey Bolden

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In this talk from #SimplyJesus2016, Rickey Bolden (who will be joining us again at this year’s gathering) expounds upon the importance of Jesus’ message that “Everybody is valuable to the Father” in the story of the banquet from Luke Chapter 14.


  1. If you are able, read the book of Luke chapter 14. In this chapter Jesus speaks to a group of religious leaders, or Pharisees. How do you think Jesus’ teaching in this chapter would have impacted them? Why?
  2. Rickey suggests that Jesus’ use of hyperbole is for the purpose of emphasizing the fact that God values everyone. While most people would readily assent to this statement, the truth remains that we are often guilty of devaluing people, whether we realize it or not. Can you think of groups of people that you think of as “having less value/importance?” If you are honest with yourself, what are the measures of “worth” that you use and are they different than those of Jesus?
  3. We are living in a time of many tensions, between nations, ethnic and political groups, and individuals. What are ways that you can communicate value to individuals that you don’t agree with? Do you think Jesus’ advice to the Pharisees to “not invite” their friends and family, was a way of waking them to their privilege and practice of exclusivity? Is there a similar way of thinking or practice that Jesus is revealing to you?
  4. Rickey told the story of the boy and his boat, comparing it to Jesus’ relationship with people. How do you respond to the phrase, “Now I own you twice.”

Rickey Bolden

A former NFL player with the Cleveland Browns, Rickey is a dynamic speaker who has pastored in Washington D.C. and Georgia, and currently serves the less fortunate in metropolitan D.C. More about Rickey ›

  • Lawrence Green

    February 2, 2017at1:17 pm Reply

    Wow, Rickey was awesome. Jesus does love us all and he did pay the price. Thank you Rickey for helping me follow Jesus. Peace from Peace in Monroe,Wa. Larry

  • Mary Graham

    March 3, 2017at3:31 pm Reply

    Loved this, Ricky is great, could listen to him all day.

    • Simply Jesus Team

      March 3, 2017at3:50 pm Reply

      We agree!

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