February 2018 Video & Discussion: The Other Becomes Brother – Kathy Maskell

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This month we take a journey with Kathy Maskell through Acts 8 & 9 –  a tale of two conversions replete with distant and exotic kingdoms, hateful villains, extraordinary and violent miracles, and a couple obedient servants. We’ll discover a common hero committed to drawing the outsider inside, and unwilling to act according to an expected script.  Can you take a guess whom that might be?

Gather some friends together and listen to this deep and fresh telling of, for many, a familiar story, with surprising parallels and implications for today. And, we hope you’ll register soon to join Kathy and many others at #SimplyJesus2018! July 26-29 in Colorado.


  1. Thinking of the Ethiopian Eunuch’s baptism in Acts 8, what was necessary for him to be baptized? Given the potential “barriers” that Kathy posed, does it surprise you at all that Philip was willing to baptize him? If you’ve been baptized, how does this compare to your experience?
  2. Phillip is whisked away immediately after the baptism, “not allowed to stay to tell the eunuch who to be or how to be or how to see himself.” Does this act of the Holy Spirit surprise you?   Honestly, were this to happen today, would you have confidence in the Holy Spirit to lead Him?
  3. Moving on to Saul, we see the Holy Spirit do what Kathy calls an “anti-miracle.” How does this jjve with your understanding of God? As Kathy asked, “Do we dare to allow the Holy Spirit to act as a comforter and an advocate, and as a prosecutor? Do we dare to allow the Holy Spirit to work miracles among the violent oppressors, as well as those who we consider the deserving poor or the pious wealthy? Discuss.
  4. Considering Ananias, have you ever disagreed with Jesus” logic? When? Did you choose to obey or disobey? What was the outcome?
  5. Ananias shows us that people who follow Jesus get deep into the messes of other people’s problems, often moving us toward “unlikely” community. Has this been true of your experience of life with Jesus?
  6. “Get up and go.” It’s a phrase we see used with Philip, Saul, and Ananias. When have you experienced that nudge to “get up and go” –across the tracks, beyond the familiar, to the other? Maybe without knowing all the answers? Talk about your experience.
Kathy Maskell

Kathy Maskell

Kathy Maskell is the associate pastor at Blue Route Vineyard Community Church, and she also leads the Vineyard Justice Network. Kathy worked for six years as the U.S. Advocacy Director for Love146, a leading anti-trafficking organization, and co-planted Elm City Vineyard Church. Kathy’s M. Div. work at Union Theological Seminary (NYC) focused on the study of abolitionist movements, developing Biblical resources on justice and exploitation, and analyzing poverty as a root cause of human trafficking alongside leaders of poor-led organizations. More about Kathy ›

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