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What Did Jesus Believe?

Simply Jesus 2018 | 4 Eagle Ranch | Vail Valley, CO


Lina AbujamraLina Abujamra
Rickey BoldenRickey Bolden
Conrad GempfConrad Gempf
Idelette McVickerIdelette McVicker

At the 5th Simply Jesus Gathering we gathered to talk about the most important and influential person in all of history, and to probe the question:

What Did Jesus Believe?

It’s a question we seldom ask. We often hear talk about “believing in Jesus”, but what about Jesus’ beliefs? He did have them, after all: assumptions; a worldview; thoughts about relationships, meaning, purpose, and truth. And, yes, even beliefs about God. But what were they? And, if we claim to follow him, do we actually believe like he did?

At #SimplyJesus2018, we talked, listened, laughed and ate together because the one on whom this gathering is based invites us in to this kind of deep, honest, and relational knowing. Strangers became friends; friends became like family. And, together – the convinced, the questioning, and the somewhat curious – turned our attention to the one who fully deserves it: Jesus of Nazareth.

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