Jesus’ life perfectly exemplified presence and power.

He lived his life eating, drinking, serving, loving…perfectly demonstrating the very best of human love. Simultaneously, he acted with supernatural, unexplainable power, demonstrating a citizenship potential beyond the confines of what was visible.

As modern day followers of Jesus, what does it look like to emulate his demonstration of both presence and power? Why, historically, do groups of followers tend to emphasize one over the other? Is it possible that Jesus’ prophetic statement that his followers would “do greater works” than he did, relevant for our time? In this three hour seminar, we will explore the following questions:

  1. Theological exposition of the miraculous beyond apostolic period
  2. Historical/current stories of the miraculous done in the name of Jesus…what are trends, similarities, etc.
  3. Role of the Holy Spirit – Is it ok to ask for gift of miracles? How do you pray for someone? Do I expect them, or do they just happen? etc.
  4. This seminar will be hosted and led by Jay Pathak, with several other speakers contributing.

Participation is limited to the first 100 people who enroll for this 3-hour experience taking place on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Dates & Times

July 20 (5:30 pm) – July 23 (11:30 am)


4 Eagle Ranch — Wolcott, CO


$279 (Feb 15 – June 15)
$299 (June 16 – July 20)
$99 – College Students (18-24) & High School Students w/ Parents (14+) – only 50 available at this cost

Registration cost includes all meals and the option to bring your own gear and camp at the Ranch. Nearby hotels are also available at discounted rates (see FAQs).

Limited to 400 total people.

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