The Everyday Peacemaking Track

Simply Jesus Gathering 2016

Jesus’ invitation does change everything. The guests as his table will include those from every socio-economic status, religious background, and race.

peacemaking-verseOur presence at that table assumes a readiness to sit with those who are unlike us, to converse with those once called “enemies”. This is the table Jesus desires. And, this requires that we live as peacemakers in the way of Jesus.

Peacemaking can easily be mistaken as an esoteric, idealistic theory rather than embraced as a cross-shaped way of life. But Jesus blessed the peacemakers. He invites us into a new reality as men and women who spend our lives making broken things whole.

The Everyday Peacemaking Track is designed to practically shift peacemaking from esoteric theory to embodied reality. Through a fusion of engaging content, dialogue-based learning, simple experiments, and communal reflection we will:

  • develop a robust theology of peacemaking asthe mission of God and the vocation of God’s people;
  • discover the four practices of Everyday Peacemaking;
  • understand how to navigate the everyday places where peacemaking must occur.

The Global Immersion ProjectLed by Jon Huckins and Jer Swigart of the Global Immersion Project (see below), this track will take place on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 3pm-5pm, and will be limited to the first 100 people who register. By the end of this track, we will be equipped to humbly and courageously enter the pain of conflict with the tools to transform. To get a feel for what the time together will be like, watch this 3 minute video:

jon-jerJon Huckins and Jer Swigart are ministry veterans with 25 years of combined church ministry experience, from the mega-church to the church plant to the neighborhood missional community. Together, they have over twelve years of combined experience in peacemaking practice and training, and co-founded The Global Immersion Project (TGIP). A peacemaking training organization, TGIP forms, equips, and mobilizes US American churches as instruments of peace in our world. Simply put, they are reintegrating peacemaking into our vocation as followers of Jesus and teaching people how to enter any kind of conflict (interpersonal, systemic injustice, international conflict) to heal rather than to win.

Dates & Times

July 28th (5:30 pm) — July 31st (11:30 am)


4 Eagle Ranch — Wolcott, CO

Registration Fee

$249.00 per person (Includes all meals and the option to camp. Hotel suggestions are also available.)

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