Germs & Jesus – Jonathan Salgado

A boy whose parents continually reminded him of washing hands, saying prayers, not getting germs, learning more about Jesus, eventually wondered about the importance of these two things — germs and Jesus — neither of which he could see! We can, though, see both germs and Jesus. The important thing, Jonathan suggests, is getting infected by them. In the story of the lawyer who asks Jesus what he must do to have eternal life, Jesus brought him to a different level that was not just cultural or theological. He wanted the man to be infected by Jesus, to experience his love. A love that comes from an inner makeover that changes one’s worldview, a love that comes only by grace, a love that is both contagious and dangerous.

Jonathan Salgado

Jonathan Salgado is an ordained minister and a psychologist. After over 35 years of professional work in churches, institutions of higher education, and NGOs in Europe, the United States and Latin America, he is now dedicating his time to teaching, writing, as well as serving, equipping and mobilizing leaders to serve internationally. Their goal is help in any way possible “to develop a leadership led by God, centered in Jesus, on behalf of the poor.”

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