Holding the Ropes for Miracles – Dick Foth

Dick loves miracles. And he believes the world is hungry for them. He shares about miracles in his life and draws our attention to the miracle of Jesus first forgiving and then physically healing the paralytic who was lowered through the roof by his friends. Those friends, whose actions were affirmed and whose faith was commended by Jesus, literally held the ropes so their friend would receive a miracle. First responders, like those who saved Dick’s wife’s life, are rope-holders for modern miracles.

Dick Foth

With Jesus of Nazareth as the model. Dick invests his time encouraging individuals, privately, across the personal, social, religious, and political lines that separate people from each other. Known as a storyteller, Dick speaks to conferences, civic groups, and churches most often on the theme of relationship building. Dick also serves as Chairman of the Board of Rescue: FREEDOM International, a dynamic effort engaging the ideas and resources of the corporate world in order to free women and children around the world caught in the trap of sexual slavery.

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