Hope With Jesus – Lina Abujamra

From her experience in the emergency room, Lina shares the story of having to give terrible news to the family of a young child. “Is there hope?” the father asked. And that is the question that we all face sometimes in life, like the disciples on their way to Emmaus, as dreams are crushed, loves are lost and hearts are wounded. Lina recognizes that often we want glory without suffering and healing without pain. But, like the Samaritan woman at the well, we find in Jesus someone who does more than just fix our problems. Because new problems will always arise. Rather, we find someone who knows us and our brokenness and who offers us real hope even in that brokenness. “There’s always hope with Jesus.”

Lina AbuJamra

Lina AbuJamra is a pediatric ER doctor, author, and speaker who loves Jesus. Although she really enjoys taking care of kids in the ER, her main passion in life is to tell others about Jesus and the love He has for them. Lina was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and now calls Chicago home. She has written two books: Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended and Stripped: When God’s Call turns from Yes to Why Me? both published by Moody Press.

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  • Rose Marie Castro

    April 28, 2020at11:10 am Reply

    You so inspire me as a woman of faith and power of the Holy Spirit. I’m currently reading your book RESOLVED. 🙂

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