Is Is Time for Simply Jesus?

Really? Do we need another gathering for Christians to meet about Jesus?  Aren’t churches everywhere doing this same thing week after week? And what is suggested by the title, “Simply Jesus”? Why is “simply” needed when we are talking about Jesus? These questions come to mind as we consider this endeavor.

We agree this is more than a call for Christians to gather around (their) Jesus. We do hope Christians are part of the mix; however, we certainly realize that Jesus is meaningful to a far broader spectrum of people. Contemporary opinions assert that “Jesus wasn’t a Christian” or “Christians don’t own Jesus.” We would prefer not to argue about how Christian Jesus is, and rather ask, “How can Christians and everyone else come to follow Jesus?”

It was Jesus’ custom to welcome all comers, and, in that same spirit, we invite these conversations—whether at a gathering in Denver (April 2015), in global friendships, or over our website.  In fact, with Jesus as the center, the circle itself can be as broad as the people who are curious enough to engage. Even more to the point, many of us have found that a conversation centered on Jesus is deepened, even transformational, when it involves people from different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and traditions who are following (experiencing) Him.

A friend once said, “Raise a flag and see who gathers at the pole.”  That expresses what we want to do.  Who will come together if it is simply Jesus?  Or, you might ask, “Who couldn’t come to the pole?”

Not that long ago, at the intersection of a global trade route, seated on a Palestinian hillside, sat a Jewish Rabbi who received the Samaritans, Jews, Greeks and Romans.  He was positioned where they could find him, where he could access their lives, heal their sick and forgive whatever their sin. Through words and actions, Jesus opened the kingdom of God right where they were standing. To continue this, he made disciples. From all that was reported by those who saw him alive, they were primarily convinced Jesus was the flag God was raising for the gathering of us all.

It is simply Jesus who God finally really wanted to give us… Will we see you at the pole?


Simply Jesus

Simply Jesus is a conversational space and growing community seeking to inspire people of all backgrounds to consider, wonder, and dialogue about the person, life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

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