January 2016 Video, Discussion & a Meal: “Astonished By Jesus” – Bart Tarman

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  1. When is the last time you felt “astonished” by anything? When is the last time you felt “astonished” by Jesus?
  2. Bart speaks of the verse in Mark 10:32, where some walked with Jesus and were astonished, and some followed at a distance in fear. Have you ever felt torn between these two responses in relation to Jesus?
  3. Bart told a story of a decorated Christmas tree. Can you think of any “baubles” that may be obscuring your view of Jesus? What good, or even religious, ornaments might you inadvertently pay more attention to than Jesus?
  4. Have you ever spent a significant period of time reading through the four books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? How familiar are you with the stories, ways, and perspectives of Jesus? Would you consider participating in Bart’s year-long “immersion challenge”?


Here are some delicious but easy recipes to host a dinner in your home…

Bart Tarman

Bart Tarman

Bart Tarman has spent more than 30 years focusing on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth – but from an non-religious perspective. He presents the Jesus of the four Gospel narratives in a way that is relevant to our real life struggles and opportunities. Bart loves the subtitle to Gandhi’s autobiography: My Experiments with Truth, because he feels that our connection to Jesus Christ should be just that…. an ongoing experiment with truth and love…. in real life. More about Bart ›

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