Jesus Believes in Scripture – Conrad Gempf

In his public life, private life, before the resurrection, after the resurrection…Jesus’ life was dominated by Scripture, or the Old Testament, as we now call it. He boldly proclaimed, I have not come to abolish the law, but fulfill it. And, yet, some of his teaching seemed to contradict the words of the law, and to teach a new way. Here Conrad explores Jesus’ deep and abiding belief in Scripture, and invites us to encounter Jesus in the very words that Jesus believed would last forever.

Conrad Gempf

Conrad Gempf was born just outside of NYC, studied at Gordon College, Boston University and then across the pond to the University of Aberdeen under Howard Marshall. After a year post-doc in Cambridge, he took a job teaching New Testament at the London School of Theology. More about Conrad ›

  • sara vinti

    September 12, 2018at5:55 pm Reply

    I do believe what Jesus/Yeshua has said in the New Testament from the testiimonies of some people: to love God with all our heart and mind and to love our neighbour (whoever is walking among us!) and that He welcomes us and saves anyone who comes to Him as he/she is.
    Black, White, Asian, heterosexual, LGBT, Muslim, Jew, etc…

    I believe the Message of Yeshua touches the entire Human Race despite the religion, the culture, the faith of people.

  • Dianne Parker

    September 21, 2018at12:49 pm Reply

    I applaud your ‘command’ of God’s letters to us. Standing in God’s “waterfall” … oh, I have and so appreciate your thoughts.

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