Jesus: Best Teacher Ever – Conrad Gempf

Conrad Gempf addresses the point of whether Jesus was actually one of the best teachers ever. He wasn’t usually clear and convincing, his answers weren’t really based on good use of facts, and he often completely avoided the stated question. When the Pharisee asked Jesus who is his neighbor, Jesus answered with a story that spoke to the man’s unspoken questions—who do I have to love and who can I get away without loving? The man, expecting to see a Pharisee in the story for a direct answer to his question, realized that Jesus wasn’t necessarily answering what he had asked, but he was answering him. If you think of the best teacher you’ve ever had, you wouldn’t probably say they were the best because they were the smartest or most convincing or had the best answers. It is probably that they addressed you.

Conrad Gempf

Conrad Gempf was born just outside of NYC, studied at Gordon College, Boston University and then across the pond to the University of Aberdeen under Howard Marshall. After a year post-doc in Cambridge, he took a job teaching New Testament at the London School of Theology. More about Conrad ›

  • Hmcurry

    November 2, 2015at1:57 am Reply

    Is it just me, or was Conrad’s video cut short? It ends abruptly after 8 minutes.

    • Mindflint Media

      November 5, 2015at1:40 am Reply

      Not sure why the video got cut off part-way through, but it’s fixed now. Sorry about that!


    August 10, 2016at6:02 pm Reply

    Fabulous! Thank you, Conrad!

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