Jesus Saving Everyday – Nish Weiseth

Nish shares with us her story of becoming a mom. Through pregnancy and birth and the dark moments of postnatal depression, she reminds us of that small voice that speaks when we are at the edge, the voice that speaks when the lies are loud. It is the voice that says, “You are not alone. You are rescued. You are seen. You are valued.” And it is the voice of the one who went to find the one lost sheep when the 99 were already safe. That same Jesus who rescues us for eternity rescues us daily. He is a resurrected, alive, saving Jesus.

Nish Weiseth

Nish Weiseth is an author, preacher, storyteller, advocate, and trouble maker known for working to build and establish a healthy relationship between the Christian and Mormon communities through dialogue, service and ministry, built on a mutual love of Jesus Christ. She is the author of Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World (Zondervan 2014). More about Nish ›

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