Sarah Bessey

December 2016 Video & Discussion: “Sweet Baby in a Manger…or Not?” – Sarah Bessey

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In this talk from our 2016 Simply Jesus Gathering, Sarah Bessey reflects upon her intentional journey of discovering Jesus as “not who I expected, and nothing like what I remembered.” Gather some friends to listen to Sarah’s talk and utilize the questions below to reflect upon your own story with Jesus.


  1. What do you recall about your first thoughts, understanding, or feelings about Jesus? How did you develop these (Church? Media? Parents? Other?) How do these resonate with your current thoughts & feelings about Jesus?
  2. Have you ever given significant effort to answering the questions, “What was Jesus really like? What did he say? What did he do?” If so, how did you go about it and what did you discover? Did this process significantly change your understanding of who Jesus is and how you relate to Him?
  3. What stories, words, or actions of Jesus are most difficult for you to accept of “follow”? Which ones do you readily embrace?
  4. Sarah prayed that we would be “apprenticed” to Jesus. An apprentice is one who is learning a trade or occupation; a learner. Practically, how might this become a greater reality in our lives?
  5. Sarah shared with us the story of her journey with Jesus. Have you ever thought through the influences and experiences that have shaped your faith and thoughts about Jesus to this day? Have you shared your story with others??
Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey is an author, award-winning blogger and speaker. Her first book Jesus Feminist: An Invitation To Revisit The Bible’s View Of Women (Howard Books, 2013) is a critically acclaimed work that is written with poetic rhythm, a prophetic voice and a deeply biblical foundation. In addition to writing books and her blog, Sarah is also an editor for A Deeper Story and a monthly contributor at SheLoves Magazine. More about Sarah ›

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