July 2018 Video & Discussion: Are You Ready…For a Paradigm Shift? – Rickey Bolden

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Do you remember the time you “met” Jesus? Many of us can think of a moment in time when we “received him” or “decided to follow Him.” For others, the experience may have been more gradual. Regardless how we first encountered Jesus, I think we can all agree that a life-giving, transformative relationship with Jesus is anything but static.

In this talk from #SimplyJesus2017, Rickey Bolden speaks of his somewhat surprising experience of having his “God paradigm” blown up.  He had trusted God, and was seeking to follow Jesus with his life, but he learned in a powerful way that he had unwittingly “placed God in an itty bitty box” and had tried to micromanage God. (Funny thought, I know, but something that many of us have unsuccessfully tried at some time or other!)


    1. Rickey shares his personal experience of thinking “those” Jesus followers were “crackpots”.  And then he had his God paradigm busted.  Have you ever sat back in criticism of those who had it “all wrong”, only to realize later they weren’t so crazy after all?

    2. Think back to your early awareness of Jesus, whether that was last week or 20+ years ago. Describe your understanding of Jesus at that point, and how your relationship has grown and changed since that time.

    3. Sometimes, significant growth in human relationships happens through painful, trying seasons.  And, the same is true in our relationship with Jesus.  What’s been the most difficult, painful experience you’ve experienced in your walk with Jesus?

    4. Do you resonate with Rickey’s description of levels of faith?  Is this a helpful way for you to think about your faith? Or not?

    5. What do you think about miracles, in the name of Jesus, in the 21st century?

Rickey Bolden

A former NFL player with the Cleveland Browns, Rickey is a dynamic speaker who has pastored in Washington D.C. and Georgia, and currently serves the less fortunate in metropolitan D.C. More about Rickey ›

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