June 2016 Video, Discussion & a Meal: “Stories That Transform” – Jay Pathak

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  1. Jay shares an early experience of “hunting with Jesus for unsuspecting prey.” Have you ever been a participant in a “hunting expedition” of this sort? Or the prey? How did it impact your thoughts and feelings toward Jesus?
  2. Jay suggests that Jesus’ stories are intended to put us in tension. They are stories that compel us to become different kinds of people, if we listen, if we engage. Is there a particular parable, or story, of Jesus that has resulted in deep transformation or wrestling in your life?
  3. How would you describe the difference of knowing something in our mind, and knowing something in our heart? Do you think about faith, about Jesus, in the first or second context? What does this mean for how you live?
  4. “Jesus communicates in a way that demands your participation…that demands you engage this story with your life.” Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?


Summer is finally here! And, for most of us, there is nothing like kicking off the summer with a backyard barbecue and discussion around the firepit. Here is a treasure trove of fantastic grilling recipes from Bon Apétit. Enjoy!

Jay Pathak

Jay Pathak

Jay Pathak and his wife Danielle left Columbus, Ohio in 2001 to start and lead the Mile High Vineyard in Denver, Colorado. Since that time, Jay and his team have worked to build the church into a vibrant community that engages and impacts the city at every turn. Jay’s multi-ethnic heritage adds a unique sensitivity as he speaks nationally and internationally in both conference and classroom settings. Jay is also the co-author of The Art of Neighboring with Dave Runyon. More about Jay ›

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