Conrad Gempf

March 2017 Video & Discussion: “Surprising Jesus” – Conrad Gempf

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Have you ever felt like you’ve been working all through the night and accomplishing nothing? He’s resurrected. All power of heaven and earth are His. So, what does Jesus do? He shows up at the beach with a skillet, ready to cook breakfast for some weary fishermen-disciples. What kind of King IS this?

We all want to know what Jesus is really like. Conrad Gempf shares a surprising glimpse of “typical Jesus” in this talk from #SimplyJesus2016. Enjoy this short talk with some friends, and the long conversation that will surely ensue!


  1. Imagine yourself as one of those disciples in the boat. What do you think you’d be feeling and thinking? Go ahead. Put yourselves in their shoes and be honest. (Prior to realizing that Jesus was on the beach)
  2. Do you resonate with the description of the disciples who “have fished all night and caught nothing?” Have you ever felt this way about your life, or a season, a vision or calling?
  3. Peter jumped into the water upon realizing Jesus was on the beach. Does this surprise you given that Peter had once before jumped out of the boat and walked on the water? Do you think Peter expected to avoid getting wet?
  4. Jesus, the resurrected King, cooked breakfast in a skillet over a fire. Was this a waste of His time and power? A human expression of care? Maybe Jesus liked to cook? What do you think about this picture of Jesus?
  5. “Bring me the fish YOU caught,” said Jesus. In this most surprising statement, Conrad suggests, we see true and typical Jesus. Why? Can you finish the following sentence that Jesus might say to you… “(Your Name) bring me _________.”
Conrad Gempf

Conrad Gempf

Conrad Gempf was born just outside of NYC, studied at Gordon College, Boston University and then across the pond to the University of Aberdeen under Howard Marshall. After a year post-doc in Cambridge, he took a job teaching New Testament at the London School of Theology. More about Conrad ›

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