November 2017 Video & Discussion: “Jesus’ Message to the Religious Establishment” – Bruxy Cavey

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To a culture steeped in religious legalism, Jesus brought a radical message.

“Jesus seems ok, but I can’t stand the church.” Many of us have heard (or said) this at some point. Hypocritical, judgmental, and legalistic are, sadly, common descriptors toward people deemed “religious”. But, religious or not, we’ve all encountered these characteristics in others and, if we’re honest, in ourselves.

Thankfully, Jesus had something to say about religious hypocrisy. In this talk from our 2017 Gathering, Bruxy Cavey takes us through John 5, where Jesus miraculously heals a man and simultaneously invalidates the prevailing religious legalism of the day. Jesus truly is GOOD NEWS!

We hope you’ll gather with some friends and neighbors and have a great conversation about this shocking message of Jesus.


  1. How has hypocrisy, legalism, or judgmentalism – yours or someone else’s – kept you or others from Jesus? Please explain.
  2. Breaking the Sabbath with “work” (or healing) would have been unthinkable for a first century religious Jew. But, Jesus didn’t diminish the conflict. He magnified it. He was sending a message. How would you describe the message Jesus was sending?
  3. The religious leaders asked the man who had been healed who told him to pick up his mat, not who HEALED him. Where do you tend to major on the minors? Not see the forest through the trees?
  4. Discuss this statement by Bruxy: It seems like scripture functions a little bit like a menu in a restaurant. You need to read it, but it’s not what you came for. You came for the meal. What does this statement provoke in you?
  5. What do you think about Bruxy rearranging his life to talk about Jesus with as many people as possible. Do you prioritize talking with others about Jesus? Why or why not?

Bruxy Cavey

Bruxy Cavey, author of the best-selling The End of Religion, is the Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House: A Church For People Who Aren't Into Church in Canada. The Meeting House hopes to be a safe place for spiritual seekers to come and ask questions alongside a community of Christ-followers who live and proclaim the irreligious message of peace. Bruxy appears regularly on the radio and tv, and his weekly podcasts have thousands of listeners around the world. He also teaches as adjunct faculty at schools such as Messiah College, Tyndale Seminary, and Fresno Pacific University. More about Bruxy ›

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  • Keith Suchsland

    November 2, 2017at6:34 pm Reply

    Shame on us when we too focus on the mat and not the miracle worker…

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