Pure Jesus is Enough – Dick Foth

Dick, seeing Jesus in new, disorienting, magnetizing ways, talks about the simplicity of Jesus. He is like pure water, simple, but vital to our souls. But, when we add things to water it doesn’t necessarily improve it, it dilutes it, even makes it toxic. Dick tells the stories of two women. One, the widow with two mites who became iconic as a generous, committed person even amidst loss. And the other, a woman dear to Dick who survived loss after loss and still lived trusting Jesus was enough. As Corrie Ten Boom said, “You don’t know that Jesus can be all you need until he’s all you have.”

Dick Foth

With Jesus of Nazareth as the model. Dick invests his time encouraging individuals, privately, across the personal, social, religious, and political lines that separate people from each other. Known as a storyteller, Dick speaks to conferences, civic groups, and churches most often on the theme of relationship building. Dick also serves as Chairman of the Board of Rescue: FREEDOM International, a dynamic effort engaging the ideas and resources of the corporate world in order to free women and children around the world caught in the trap of sexual slavery.

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  • Ernie Crabb

    April 20, 2017at6:43 am Reply

    Thank you Dick for quieting my heart tonight before Jesus! I as a pastor in Fairbanks, Alaska, am desperate for Him and He always delivers Himself to me in such sweet ways! I am grateful for simply Jesus!

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