Q & A: Floyd McClung & Dick Foth

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  • Wakanesi Petersen

    May 31, 2021at5:42 am Reply

    so enriching the life journeys of these giants.
    thank you very much.

  • Topi Kivimaki

    May 31, 2021at9:48 am Reply

    YES, I love to learn more on “SIMPLYJESUS”……….AMEN!!!


  • Mandy O’Connor

    May 31, 2021at3:31 pm Reply

    I wept through this interview. Floyd was so instrumental in my coming to Jesus while in Amsterdam. His simply loving Jesus inspires me to do the same. Thank you for sharing.

  • Harvey

    May 31, 2021at5:45 pm Reply

    Pondering the thoughts racing through my mind this day, trying to come up with my version of a focus zeroed at developing a deeper relationship with Christ.

    Kind of funny in a way how as a human and our way of doing things or attempting to do them; and rather than something being relatively easy, I somehow develop this onion because of the number of layers either self created or that suddenly begin to appear. What once should have been a free flowing fixation on Christ, suddenly becomes overwhelming thoughts of just doing it and it never gets done.

    Not anymore or at least for the moment. Let me put it this way … Two words …. SIMPLY JESUS.

    Not that Jesus is simple because after all He is the humanity of that which is Divine.

    However I’m left to ask myself with Jesus as King, do I make Him or just knowing Him a layered process? Or is it enough to say SIMPLY JESUS and then go after Him.

    I’m not trying to simplify Jesus, I’m just trying to keep from being overwhelmed by the concept of a deeper relationship. See it isn’t in a ritualistic rigid reading plan. It isn’t about beating myself up for not getting up early enough to pray the five points of the prayer guide, it isn’t even giving something up for 40 days, it isn’t any of that, it is however, just an intentionality that finds myself lacking without the One who is the life giver.

    It’s simply sitting at His feet, not seeking an answer to prayer or a problem, rather simply seeking SIMPLY JESUS.

  • Elizabeth Hosking

    June 1, 2021at12:27 pm Reply

    Thank you for posting this Q&A,
    Floyd was such a blessing to so many.

  • Melinda

    June 1, 2021at6:13 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing this! What a gift to sit at the feet of these two men of God.

  • Kathy Vlasuk

    June 2, 2021at2:45 pm Reply

    I had the privilege of being under the ministry of Floyd and Sally for nearly six years when I lived in The Netherlands. They carry the presence and heart of God in such a way that your life is forever impacted. Each person is authentically cared for and loved as though they are one of the most significant people to them. If you met them, you would never feel like a “nobody” again! I rejoice at what Floyd must be experiencing in heaven right now, but feel an incredible loss knowing he is not here any longer, living out the heart of the Father heart of God.

  • Mqokeleli

    June 3, 2021at6:18 pm Reply

    Thank you

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