Saying Yes to the Treasure – Bruxy Cavey

In 1 Peter 4:10 Paul says that we are stewards of God’s grace, and Bruxy would say that God has given some of one person’s grace to another person to allow that second person to administer it to the first. We are all priests and can go to one another for grace, the body of Christ as the Word of God continuing to be flesh. And in that identity, there is no longer any “have to”, it shifts to “want to.” We do all things out of celebration, not to gain salvation. The man who found the treasure in the field lived in that way, giving up everything for the joy of gaining the priceless treasure. We, too, can give up what is holding us back from the treasure so that we can delight in something that is far richer than anything that we’ve been holding on to. This free gift of grace will actually cost us everything, and giving it up eagerly is our way of saying yes to the treasure of the Kingdom of God.

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Bruxy Cavey

Bruxy Cavey, author of the best-selling The End of Religion, is the Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House: A Church For People Who Aren't Into Church in Canada. The Meeting House hopes to be a safe place for spiritual seekers to come and ask questions alongside a community of Christ-followers who live and proclaim the irreligious message of peace. Bruxy appears regularly on the radio and tv, and his weekly podcasts have thousands of listeners around the world. He also teaches as adjunct faculty at schools such as Messiah College, Tyndale Seminary, and Fresno Pacific University. More about Bruxy ›

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