The Presence of Jesus – Tamrat Layne

Tamrat, through the story of the Transfiguration, dwells on the importance of the presence of Jesus. Peter, in Jesus’ radiating presence, said, “It is good to be here.” Tamrat, too, has experienced deeply the beauty of being in the presence of Jesus, even—he would say especially—in solitary confinement in prison. He challenges us to remember that this presence is irreplaceable and only through the Holy Spirit will we find such deep dwelling with the Lord.

Tamrat Layne

Tamrat Layne is the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia. During the 1980′s, he was a leader of the Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement. When Mengistu was overthrown in 1991, Layne became one of the three-man EPRDF-TPLF junta ruling the country and then in the democratically-elected government, the other members being Meles Zenawi (President) and Siye Abraha (Minister of Defense). His position was Prime Minister from June 6, 1991 until August 22, 1995. Tamrat served 12 years in prison after he was ousted. While in prison, he met Jesus – literally. He now lives in Denver with his family.

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