The Yes that is a No – Cheryl Bridges Johns

Another story of two sons, one who said yes and didn’t follow through, the other who said no but then did the father’s will. Ruby Turpin, a fine southern woman in Flannery O’Connor’s story, was a follower of Jesus, and respectable in her own mind. But when she encountered a “white trash” woman who spoke a piercing message to her from Jesus, she had a transforming meeting with the one to whom she had said yes, realizing she had been acting in the no. Cheryl identifies with this character so strongly that she asserts that Jesus sometimes calls her by the name of Ruby Turpin, beckoning her to come on the bus of salvation, and have a seat at the back.

Cheryl Bridges Johns

Cheryl Bridges Johns is the Robert E. Fisher Professor of Spiritual Renewal and Christian Formation at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. She has held many distinguished lectureships, including the Jamison Jones Lectures in Preaching at Duke Divinity School and the Holy Living Lectures at Azusa Pacific University. Her areas of interest include Pentecostal spirituality and the practices of ministry.

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