Why Simply Jesus?

About two years ago, I called a couple of close friends – Bart Tarman and Jay Pathak and said “We have to do something significant to help people see Jesus. The real, biblical Jesus. Not my private western version of him, or the tel-evangelist Jesus, but the one of the Gospels. And, so, how do we do that?

From those conversations came our first Simply Jesus “gathering” in Denver in November of 2013. And now, this website.

This site will help equip you and your friends to follow Jesus through great video and written content. We will focus on questions like: Who is Jesus? What did he teach? Are his teachings relevant for today? Why did he teach in parables? Was he the Lord, Savior and the Christ or simply a good man? Did Jesus come to start Christianity or the Christian Church? If so, would he recognize those today? If not, what did be come to do?

Simply Jesus is being run by a group of friends from a wide diversity of backgrounds. This site doesn’t promote any one agenda or doctrinal position. It has content from very conservative evangelical Christians, progressive and more Liberal Christians, folks that wouldn’t call themselves “Christians” but still follow Jesus, and from friends who are not from a Christian background at all – Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, even total non-believers.

The idea is to provide a collage or kaleidoscope of views on the life, teachings and ways of Jesus of Nazareth. Not necessarily highlighting or ascribing to any one view, but rather encouraging us to see the multi-faceted full-orbed vision of who Jesus was and is to the widest possible audience. Of course, each of us behind this site have our personal convictions, and do, in fact, believe in that the Biblical record of who Jesus was is accurate. And at the same time we want to respect and honor the various traditions of this great leader and man as others see him.

With that, we invite you to browse, examine and enjoy the wonderful content on this site. It’s all free. Please do pass it to your friends, participate in the collaboration and let’s encourage one another as we walk this road with the man from Galilee.


Carl Medearis

Carl Medearis

Carl Medearis is an international expert in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations. He acts as a catalyst for a number of current movements in the Middle East to promote peace-making, as well as cultural, political and religious dialog leading toward reconciliation. More about Carl ›

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