April 2018 Video & Discussion: More Than Enough – Brian Zahnd

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In the hillsides around the Sea of Galilee, Jesus miraculously fed the 5000 (well, actually, it was more like 15,000) and, twelve basketfuls were left over.  Did Jesus overestimate their hunger?  Overshoot his power?  Or, was there something else he was trying to show?

In this talk from Simply Jesus 2017, Brian Zahnd calls us to recognize the infinite fullness available through Jesus.  Contrary to the mindset of scarcity that perpetuates the human cycle of conquest, war, famine, and death, in Jesus we are offered access to the infinite, fullness and beauty of God.  Not only is there enough, there is more than enough.  Our cup overflows!

This summer, Brian and Peri Zahnd will join us for the fourth year in a row at our Simply Jesus Gathering.  We hope you’ll be there as well!


    1. Imagine yourself at the scene of this miracle.  15000 people there with Jesus, and Jesus is looking to the disciples to feed them.  Do you resonate more with Philip’s (“$20000 would not be enough…”) or Andrew’s (“Well, there’s this boy…”) response to Jesus?  Why? Can you think of a current example in which you find yourself responding in one of these ways?
    2. Scarcity.  Synonymous with “shortage, dearth, lack, want, undersupply, and insufficiency.”  It is this pervasive mentality of scarcity that Brian considers the root cause of the war haunted world that we live in.  Where in your community do you observe this mentality of scarcity at work?  Where in your own life do you recognize its effect?
    3. Brian speaks of the Kingdom of God as an alternate hourglass-one in which the “closed system” of the world is connected with the infinite, heavenly sphere through a single point, named Jesus.  Do you believe you have access to the fullness of the infinite beauty, goodness, and grace of God through Jesus?  How does this belief affect your actions and views?
    4. “The miracles of Jesus are signs that point us to something.”  What does the miracle of the feeding of the 5000 point you to?

Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd is the founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. He is also the author of several books, including Beauty Will Save the World and A Farewell To Mars. Brian is a passionate reader of theology and philosophy, an avid hiker and mountain climber, and an authority on all things Bob Dylan. His life was turned upside down when, right in the middle of a “successful” career in ministry, he began to sense a longing for Jesus that was free of cheap veneers, political propaganda, and useless motivational jargon. Since that time he has been launched into discovering and teaching what it means to follow Jesus with robust authenticity and depth in 21st century America. More about Brian ›

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  • Lorena Wood

    April 8, 2018at4:23 pm Reply

    I like your overall point-to move from a scarcity mindset as a Jesus follower, to an infinite mindset that we have a King who is infinite. However Jesus is ruler, so the whole point about Jesus riding in on a donkey to counter the “conquest” or expectation of the people had a purpose to it. Jesus’s time was a time to be vulnerable and to die for us. But this wasn’t the end of the story. There is another side to Jesus. We see in Revelation Jesus on a white horse in Rev. 19:11- and this time He comes to conquer, to make things right once for all.

    The question: “Where in your community do you observe this mentality of scarcity at work? ” Sadly I see this way to much in the Church. I see this so often with churches cutting missionaries off at the first sign of financial hardship. They don’t cut the other “staff” but somehow think it’s OK to do so with workers. I think whether it is in the church or outside, it’s a basic sin issue of selfishness like the speaker mentioned about Cain and Abel. “God help us to not see you as “too small.” Enlarge our vision, experience and boldness to match who you truly are for your glory!.”

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