Jesus Confronts Religious Hypocrisy – Bruxy Cavey

Jesus just healed a man who’d been lame for 38 years!  But, the religious leaders can’t get over the fact that he’s breaking the rules.  What gives?  Bruxy speaks of Jesus’ miracle in John 5, and how it helped him process his own faith…coming to see Jesus in a new way, and as the center of everything.

Bruxy Cavey

Bruxy Cavey, author of the best-selling The End of Religion, is the Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House: A Church For People Who Aren't Into Church in Canada. The Meeting House hopes to be a safe place for spiritual seekers to come and ask questions alongside a community of Christ-followers who live and proclaim the irreligious message of peace. Bruxy appears regularly on the radio and tv, and his weekly podcasts have thousands of listeners around the world. He also teaches as adjunct faculty at schools such as Messiah College, Tyndale Seminary, and Fresno Pacific University. More about Bruxy ›

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