Jesus’ Invitation to Theological Reconstruction – Part 4

What happens when your deeply held thoughts about God (theology) seem to conflict with what you know and understand about Jesus? Or, when doubts arise regarding theological understandings you may have held for years? How tightly should you hold on? Three theologians from different backgrounds host this conversation, giving insight from their own scholarship, experience, and journeys with Jesus.

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Bart Tarman

Bart Tarman has spent more than 30 years focusing on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth – but from an non-religious perspective. He presents the Jesus of the four Gospel narratives in a way that is relevant to our real life struggles and opportunities. Bart loves the subtitle to Gandhi’s autobiography: My Experiments with Truth, because he feels that our connection to Jesus Christ should be just that…. an ongoing experiment with truth and love…. in real life. More about Bart ›

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