May 2018 Video & Discussion: When Jesus Get Sidetracked – Conrad Gempf

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We’ve all been there.  We’ve thought about it, prayed about it, gotten counsel about it, maybe even “heard” from God about it.  We KNOW what Jesus should do, and how he should do it, if he is anything like the wise, loving and powerful God we believe him to be.  But then, he doesn’t.

In this talk from Simply Jesus 2017, Conrad Gempf  brings to life two stories of Jesus, that seem to show Jesus getting sidetracked and, perhaps, losing focus.  What is his purpose?  And, even more importantly, is he trustworthy?

Join Conrad and many others this summer at Simply Jesus 2018 at 4 Eagle Ranch.


    1. Read Mark 5:21-43 slowly, trying to imagine the scene, seeing the various characters in the story.

      a. Imagine that you are the bleeding woman.  You know you’ve been healed, but realize you are unable to sneak away.  What are you feeling and thinking?

      b.Imagine that you are one of Jesus’ disciples, stopping for this woman, and delaying the journey to Jairus’ home.  What are you thinking and feeling? 

      c. Imagine that you are Jairus at the end of this day of incredible highs and devastating lows.  With the benefit of perspective, what might he advise to those of us still walking the path?

    2. Have you ever experienced a situation in your life that left you feeling forgotten, or not prioritized, by God? Describe.  And, how did you respond/react to these feelings?

    3. Does the truth that Jesus does what we want, and doesn’t do what we want, make you more or less inclined to ask him?

    4. Do you think it is possible to celebrate the beautiful things God may be doing in someone else’s life, while you feel he is being silent in your own?   

    5. With hindsight, was it good that Jesus delayed in answering Jairus’ requests, and answered the woman’s request differently than she hoped?  Explain.

Conrad Gempf

Conrad Gempf was born just outside of NYC, studied at Gordon College, Boston University and then across the pond to the University of Aberdeen under Howard Marshall. After a year post-doc in Cambridge, he took a job teaching New Testament at the London School of Theology. More about Conrad ›

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