The Wine Ran Out – Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd is the founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. He is also the author of several books, including Beauty Will Save the World and A Farewell To Mars. Brian is a passionate reader of theology and philosophy, an avid hiker and mountain climber, and an authority on all things Bob Dylan. His life was turned upside down when, right in the middle of a “successful” career in ministry, he began to sense a longing for Jesus that was free of cheap veneers, political propaganda, and useless motivational jargon. Since that time he has been launched into discovering and teaching what it means to follow Jesus with robust authenticity and depth in 21st century America. More about Brian ›

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  • DiAnne Thomas

    January 24, 2018at6:09 am Reply

    Been listening to your cd’s for about 10-15 years. My friend’s brother who was a “hopeless renegade loser” found Jesus’ Love thru your ministry, and started a ministry of his own. In a room in his house, no family members, just this lonely shell of a man, started copying and sharing cd’s from Word of Life. (I hope that was ok with you, because he sure distinuted a massive amount!! His sister brought me a few, and I thank him, her, and you. I have quite a collection, and truthfully telling you this, not to puff you up , but to say “Thank You My Father”, because every one I choose, really old , or newer ones, heard it once or heard it many many times, we’ll, it ministers to my situation s over and over. Thank you BZ(that’s what brother put on each cd along with a title and a date. He passed away from here to THERE several years ago. He will forever be in my heart for the gift he shared with me, with anyone that would receive, and a precious sis that put it in my hands, and a precious wife that supported a searching man, and a precious Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, that gave into that man’s life, and that man being you, Mr Brian. I thank you for listening to HIM.

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